Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order special meals?

Our Dinner Menu will offer a choice of at least one meat, seafood and vegetarian option.  Breakfast is prepared as ordered.  Due to the limited size of our galley we are unable to prepare Kosher Food or accommodate for strict food allergies.

Must I board and leave the train at the endpoints of the journey?

Downline boardings are permitted; Please call or email so may be prepared accordingly.  Guests may leave the train prior to final destination to visit the location of their choice.   

Can I purchase a one-way trip?

One-way travel is offered for purchase on most dates.

Can I bring baggage aboard the train?

We have very limited storage space.  Please do not bring any bags larger than you would be allowed to carry aboard a standard airplane.

Is your Dining Car "Epicurus" wheelchair accessible?

Our historic circa 1950 Dining Car has no clearances for wheelchair users.  Level boarding is available for guests who have difficulty negotiating steps.  All Amtrak trains are ADA compliant.  Guests may purchase tickets directly from Amtrak for their travel.  Amtrak offers food and beverages for sale.

Can I bring my child?

Well behaved children are welcome aboard.  Regular fares apply.  We have no facilities to safely accommodate infants.  

Are gratuities included?

It is customary for guests to reward the service crew for their fine service at the conclusion of the journey.

Is a dress code enforced?

Casual dressy attire is recommended. Gentlemen remove their hats when entering the Dining Car and refrain from wearing tee-shorts or tank tops.  Comfortable walking shoes are highly recommended.  For safety no flip-flop type shoes please.  

Is there a smoking stop?

There will be a stop of at least 20 minutes at Albany?Rensselaer station for guests to step off the train and take a stretch or smoking break.  

Are all beverages included?

Guests may select their favorite beverage from a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; however please accept that storage limitations exist.  We serve alcoholic beverages only while traveling within New York State.  

Can we hold a group or corporate event aboard the "Epucurus"?

Group discounts are offered.  Private charter arrangements are available to a variety of destinations; with day trips from New York City starting at $7,000 all inclusive.